Monday, May 29, 2006

(A little off topic, but) THIS THING LOOKS WAY COOL

I ain't seen nuttin' like it! (pardon the city slang)

My wife the camera queen got this shot early yesterday evening. I'm told it's some kind of rocket cycle. Looks way cool. This is diagonally across the street from me. Some guys were hoisting this machine (which probably weighs the same as a Toyota Corolla, at least) upstairs.

110-octane racing fuel at seven bucks a gallon anyone?



Argent said...

Tsk, tsk. Boys and their toys. ;)

(it is cool, though)

What's up with the date on the photo? My digital camera's date thingy has stopped working, too. So it's stuck in 2005.

Brian Michael Page said...

We never did set the date, I don't think.

Yup - there are two cameras in the house. My wife has the new one - that camera's her baby. I have her old one with the shattered flash that still supports .wav audio, which is how I get some of the clips from Mass at my church.