Thursday, May 18, 2006


Please pray for my youngest brother, Glen. He had a mild heart attack yesterday. Thank God, only mild. He's only 35. The hospital was able to clear two of his three clogged arteries yesterday. They couldn't get at the third, though thankfully he's doing much better today. If they can get his heart rate down some, he'll be out of CCU and into a regular room.



Anonymous said...

Will be saying prayers for your brother's recovery. Thanks for sharing.

Argent said...

Almighty God, look with mercy upon your servant, Glen, that his body may be restored to health. We ask this through Christ your Son, Our Lord. Amen.

Argent said...

How's he doing today?

Brian Michael Page said...

He's still in CCU, but doing better. Thanks much for your prayers (you and Lyn).