Tuesday, May 9, 2006


No, this isn't Assignment Christus Vincit. This is more like Assignment New Liturgical Movement. Here's a sample .pdf by Matthew Alderman that Shawn Tribe uses as somewhat of a guide. I skimmed through most of the .pdf - found it quite impressive, though I would have preferred to save the footnotes as endnotes and just pile them all at the last pages, thus saving me from having to turn the page after two or three short paragraphs.

I could contribute something like it, but it would take me a while. For those who think you could do it, check out the guidelines in the NLM post and go for it. Not that Rome would go for it (maybe they will if it's really good), but there's definitely nothing to lose here.


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Argent said...

Holy smokes! Does Matt ever sleep? He's very gifted.