Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Just heard music from the Gregorian Missal.

Shocked and appalled to see and hear the hootenanny group rehearse before Mass in the middle of the sanctuary. NO! NOT THAT!!!

This cat's quite mischievous. He likes to walk outside, get by the large clear picture window (with no picture, mind you - it's a Vosko build) and make faces just like this, distract a few people, then run before the celebrant (or progressive term, presider, or in his probable case, talk show host) turns his head to get a look-see.

This cuddly thing is gently begging, "please don't use the Glory and Praise book. Use this Adoremus book instead."

"A banquet hall on holy ground??? What a maroon!!!" laughs this cat.

This cat just heard a wing-flapping song leader up front hit a such a hairy note that his hair and tail stood up in fright.

But you need not fear any longer. CANIS to the rescue! In fact, what's that piece of wood in his mouth? Oh, it says Gibson. Rest assured he spit out the metal tuning pegs so that he doesn't choke on them.


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