Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Ray from MN has this account.

"I wouldn’t call today’s service a Mass", says Ray.
"Neither would I", says Brian.

Ray describes the music for the "butchered" Mass:
"The music was all folk music, gospel or old slave “spirituals”: “What a wonderful world”; “My Lord, what a mourning”; “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”; “I come to the garden bells”; “Follow me”; “Shall we gather at the river”; “Just a closer walk with thee”; “In the sweet by and by”; “Song of soul”; “Day by day”; and “I’ll fly away”, accompanied by guitars, trumpet, keyboard and drum. Words to the songs were projected on two screens. But this congregation proved it didn’t need help. The slides stuck a couple of times but the singing continued with nary a drop in decibels til the projectionist caught up with them."

Butchered it was, but par for the course at St. Joan's. Why the Archbishop lets this kind of crap keep going is beyond me.

"I suppose it is traditional for a bishop to attend the funeral of one of his priests, but I would bet that some bishops get stomach aches now and then, too."

I know in the Providence diocese the Bishop usually not only attends the funeral, he celebrates it. And, like the case of St. Joan's, I'm sure our Bishop, as well as quite a few other Bishops, have bitten quite a few bullets, and the eternal supplies of Tums, Rolaids, Pepto Bismol, Alka Seltzer, and Pepcid AC are all beginning to run out. But then there are several bishops out there who would long for St. Joan's to be their role model.



DominiSumus said...

I have often wondered why St. Joan's is still allowed to operate in that manner.
I think it is past time for someone to take rein them in.

As for funerals, In the diocese of Fall River, the bishop celebrates all the funerals of diocesan priests.

Anonymous said...

For open support of heresy, check out "st" joan's "Eco-spirituality" page!