Friday, May 5, 2006


I've been asked to play a TV Mass for the Seventh Sunday of Easter. Every Sunday at 8 AM, WLNE Channel 6 airs the TV Mass as presented by the Diocese of Fall River. Each week a different priest will take turns celebrating, and they have a choice of using their organist or bringing in their own music ministry.

Well - the celebrant on TV for May 28 will be Fr. Thomas Kocik, author of The Reform of the Reform, and he has asked me to supply the music. Now, I won't be missing any Masses at Holy Ghost by any means. This Mass is actually taped. Taping for this Mass will be on Saturday May 20 at 10 AM at the Chapel of Bishop Stang High School in North Dartmouth, MA.

You can bet with Fr. Kocik and me, this will not be a half hour of "greatest hits".

Tentative music lineup:
Introit: Mode I - Exaudi, Domine (Gregorian Missal, page 387)
Psalm: Tone 8G - The Lord has set his throne in heaven
Alleluia: Mode II - from O Filii et Filiae
Offertory: Mode I - Ascendit Deus (Gregorian Missal, page 389)
Mass: Jubilate Deo
Communion: UNDE ET MEMORES - At that first Eucharist
Postlude: TBD

You can only get so much in a half-hour broadcast.

Catholics in the area are invited to attend the taping. The tapings are open for "congregations" (not "audiences"). In fact, if you're a "pew singer", even better. Come on down.



Argent said...

Hope we can order copies????

Would love to show it to the liturgy committee I'm on.

Brian Michael Page said...

You'd probably have to check with the Fall River Diocese. It's not even my home diocese. It's the "diocese next door" (my home diocese is Providence).


Anonymous said...

"Alleluia: Mode II - from O Filii et Filiae" ---- Who composed this? I've heard a recording before, I always thought it was really beautiful.

Brian Michael Page said...

It's a chant melody with a Parisian origin (1623). The English, of course, is "Ye Sons and Daughters" (and its lovely reenactment of the Low Sunday Gospel reading). During Easter Season, I use the antiphon from it - the triple alleluia.


Argent said...

How did it go? Inquiring minds want to know.

Brian Michael Page said...

Didn't go yet. Taping is on Sat. 5/20 at 10 AM.

Argent said...

Oh, hand me bifocals now. LOL! It's true, turning 40 does something to your reading ability. You should see me trying to read music. It's very distressing. SIGH!