Thursday, May 18, 2006


Detroit is considering a law to ban use the hand-held cell phone while driving, with fines up to $100. New York State has a similar law. The Rhode Island General Assembly has twice tried to pass a similar law, but failed both times.

From my own experience on Rhode Island's roads, there have been so many close calls and near misses ("near hits" according to George Carlin) because someone is not paying attention to the road - and most (not all), sure enough, have a dang phone glued to their ear. Ever wonder why the line of traffic at the GREEN light is longer than necessary? Try waking the phone user up after he or she has been too busy gabbing to realize that, why yes, the light is green!

I had someone tell me, People tie up traffic in Boston because they're MEAN. People tie up traffic in Providence because they're STUPID. Man is he ever right!

Hat tip to Matthew at the Dusty Choir Loft.


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