Monday, May 1, 2006


The Curt Jester has introduced a brand spankin' new society!

Jeff Miller tells us:
"Introducing Liturgical Anonymous (LA) an international, spiritually oriented community of liturgical abusers who meet in local groups to help each other end this destructive addiction to changing the liturgy as one wants. Liturgical Anonymous follows a 12 step program and not one of the steps are a dance step."
"We must remember and to educate others that good intentions are not sufficient and that there are very good reasons for liturgical norms in the first place. The Mass being the highest prayer there is needs to prayed, not played with."
"Many of our members also require help to throw off the vapidness of most modern liturgical music. Most find that a too rapid introduction to Gregorian Chant for instance is too much beauty to handle so quickly. Thus our program slowly weans them off of the music of Haugen-Daas with a drug equivalent of music Methadone. This drug with a high sugar content is slowly reduced over time to allow a tonal rearrangement in the subject."

"Is Liturgical Anonymous for you? If you want to control the liturgy then you may be a candidate for LA. If you belong to the (Arch)Diocese of L.A. then you are probably an ideal candidate for LA. If you are in the below photo please call our offices now at 1-800-BAD-LTRG."

First clients: Cardinal Mahony, Bishop Trautman, and Bishop Brown! C'MON DOWN!

COUNSELORS NEEDED! Bishop Slattery, Cardinal Arinze, are you available?

Read Jeff's entire post which includes detail and testimony from clientele.


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