Monday, May 22, 2006


It's my pleasure to add to the Christus Vincit Blogroll, Jumping Without a Chute. I stumbled onto this blog via Gerald, while checking out pictures of this funky looking church. Click here for more pictures.

It must also be noted that Anthony, the blog's owner, plugged us at Christus Vincit as "Music Ministers who Get It". Thanks much for the plug Anthony!



Argent said...

I don't get the giant dinosaur egg thing.

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

I think the egg is the tabernacle?? Maybe??

Oh, wait, it's probably buried in a broom closet, er.., adoration chapel somewhere.


Brian Michael Page said...

Everytime I look at that picture, I think of the egg spaceship on "Mork and Mindy" where Mork (Robin Williams) bumps his head on the entranceway then exclaims "SHAZBOT!"


Anonymous said...

Given Anthony's description of other factors, and the lack of detail and perspective visible to us in these three photographs, I'd rather give the architect and parish the benefit of the doubt as to the actual "aesthetic" of the interior architecture and environment. As opposed to, ahem, snarky snap judgments.

Anonymous said...

Actually Charles, if you go to Gerald's site you'll learn more about the parish architecture from actual parishoners.

Thanks for the link Brian, you've got a great site.