Saturday, February 2, 2008


Candlepin for Kids is a TV show that airs on a small cable channel in Central Massachusetts. Hosted by two candlepin pros who have made many TV appearances on shows like Candlepin Bowling and Candlepin Challenge over the years (and still do), Steve Renaud (pronounced "Reno", like in "Reno, Nevada") and Dan "Shoebag" Gauthier do a great job promoting the sport and encouraging kids to keep it going. It's a show that involves kids of ALL age groups. If all goes right, many will continue to bowl with the adults once they come of age.

Here's an idea of what they're all about (I can't get their cable channel from here, but someone's been putting the latest shows up on YouTube and I subscribed). BTW, one of the bowlers here, Steven Renaud (son of Steve Renaud), has appeared on the Candlepin Challenge as well (four weeks of their shows are kids shows - mainly teens, though).


UPDATE 2/2/08 9:30 PM: If anyone tried to view it, the person who had uploaded it took it down, but then put it back up. It's running again.

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