Wednesday, February 20, 2008


From two sources...

First, from John, the Methodist blogger at Locusts and Honey:

Liturgical poledancing (Please don't give those Religious Mis-edumacation Congress people any more ideas!)
Communion buffet (What the hell? With all of those liturgeists who portray the Mass as merely a meal...)
Gym rope-climb to Heaven
Grand Theft Auto III: Jerusalem Stories

(Those two make for nifty new LifeTeen activities.)
Blessing of the Sharks service (from a dock above water, where it's safe, or right in the water, like live bait?)
Rant stations

Then, from the Ironic Catholic:

the Baptismal Super Soaker for kids (read her post to learn about the reality involved with this one)

I often wonder - do the liturgeists fill THOSE with rocks, twigs, and cat litter during Lent, too?


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