Monday, February 18, 2008

What a glorious Reminiscere

No sub opportunity this weekend, however, I was treated to a menu of wonderful sacred music and very good preaching. Among the hymns on the list were FOUNDATION, JESUS MEINE ZUVERSICHT, and CRUCIFER. Good organ improvisations on How Firm a Foundation and a resplendent intro and closing tag on Lift High the Cross. The highpoint of the morning was a glorious...I'll say that again...glorious performance at the offertory of the Gilbert Martin "When I surveyed the wondrous cross." I was captured from the first phrase. The men's unison was flawless and their articulation clear, each vowel coming from the previous. Splendid! When the women entered, they did not impose dominance upon the men's voices, but blended smoothly with them. Those familiar with the anthem will know that the work builds in intensity throughout, starting simple and ending big...very big. Yesterday, the choir drew me into their narrative and told me the story. The rest of the congregation were as I was: entirely and utterly enraptured by the singing. The choir were not singing "at" me or "to" me. They were worshipping God, and we, the congregation, were drawn along in their wake, spiritually joining in their song. Excellent work!

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PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

Another trip to Canterbury, lol?

*drool* at the Martin, though.