Monday, February 11, 2008


Right now in the Providence area, cold enough for a normal day in Fairbanks, AK, windy enough for a normal day on the top of Mount Washington, NH.

When the ground hog tells you "six more weeks of winter", out here they see to it that it's winter.



Anonymous said...

What happened to your third snark

Dad29 said...

Heh. Man up, fella.

Milwaukee: 18" of snow last Wednesday, minus 10 degrees F Sunday morning, high Monday was 3 F.

Today, 3" inches more snow, high 15 F., Thursday another 4-6" snow.

Highs in the 20's rest of the week.

Did I mention the 30-50MPH winds on Sunday?

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

Couple inches of snow on Tues., freezing rain/rain right now. I'm just happy I finally got to use my new snowblower.


Lyn F. said...

Indeed. Believe it or not, we even got a dusting of snow overnight Tuesday in Central NC. Naturally, it all melted once the sun came up.

Alas, it is feeling like winter once again. So much for the respite.

But I know your hearts are just bleeding for me. (Not.)