Saturday, February 16, 2008


Straight from the horse's mouth, and ON VIDEO!

Got this from the Cardinal Arinze Podcast: Podcasting with the Vatican:
In the strict liturgy, that means the Mass, the Sacraments, Europe and America should not talk of liturgical dance AT ALL.

Below is the YouTube version of the video. You'll hear these words right around the four-minute mark. The good Cardinal does, however, recognize that the "dance", though not in European or American cultures, does exist in African and Asian cultures.

At around the eight-minute mark he answers a question on secular music as well. Excellent, excellent, excellent!



Adrienne said...

I mentioned this to my pastor when I first saw it and his response was that most people thought Cardinal Arinze was a bit daft (to be polite.)

I'm not sure who these people are and the Cardinal certainly looks pretty on top of things for me.

I do not understand this obvious lack of obedience by the Bishops and priests.

Brian Michael Page said...

Yup - this is the same Cardinal who was referred to as clueless by the "big wigs" on NaPalM's message board around May of 2006 when I brought up the same topic - liturgical dance.

I don't understand the lack of obedience either. I've seen a couple of job openings that I steered clear of because they use liturgical dance. Yes, I need a job, but I also can't sell what I don't believe in.


Scelata said...

Why would people listen to a pastor in authority over them when the pastor refused to listen to those in authority over him?

Adrienne said...

scelata - Exactly!

Adrienne said...

BMP - Help me out, here. What message board are you referring to - re:Arinze)?

After what our pastor said, I went on the hunt for negative things about Arinze and couldn't come up with anything. What have you heard about him? I think he makes perfect sense.

Brian Michael Page said...

That was the "npmusers" boards - it's actually a Yahoo group, but run by NPM (or as Dad29 and I call it, NaPalM). It was one of those boards where if you try to promote something orthodox, they will try to drive you off the boards.

Unfortunately, only members have access to those boards. I was booted from there in May 2006 over this very topic.

The link is or

You'd have to join the group (a project in itself these days - they've gotten really paranoid) to access the archives.


Adrienne said...

Thanks - I went there and the first thing I noticed was the number of messages has goes down each month for the past 5 years. If they're friends of Haugen and Haas (my favortie ice cream) then I really can't waste my time.