Friday, February 29, 2008


The Reverend Scooby Doo and the Paschal Mystery Machine

The self-ordained "Reverend" Scooby Doo and his "conversion van".

The van in question. I've seen so many like this. Usually if they go to any Mass, it's the folk Mass. You'd expect people who stereotypically sport that "John and Yoko" look. Don't forget the peace signs, man.

One can just imagine what's really in that thurible.

OK - all that joking aside: the real scoop is here. If this intelligence stays out of Holy Mass, then that's good. God only knows we don't need another 60's/70's accident. That eventually left us stuck with the musical ditties we're stuck with today (that many of us are STILL trying to cleanse the church from).

RSCT to The Crescat.

Oh, and back to the original mood in my post, Gerald's latest hit song is playing on the radio right now:

Imagine there's no lib'rals,
it's something you should try
No Gather and no drumsticks
That make you wanna cry
Imagine all the lib'rals
Put the guitars down

Imagine there's no Haugen
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to gag or sneer at
And no Dick Vosko too
Imagine all the Catholics
Living life with taste

You may say that I'm a meanie
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the crap will all be gone

MM mmm MM MM mmm

Imagine no zen gardens
I wonder if you dare
No need for maze or Gaia
And churches aren't bare
Imagine all the churches
Sparing us this pain

You may say that I'm a meanie
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the crap will all be gone

Peace (not that "hippie peace")

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Jason Pennington said...

EXCELLENT! "...imagaine all the Catholics living life with taste". That's superior! I remember commenting about some new altar clothes recently. I looked at the tacky things and said, "That's not linen. It's polyester." The powers that be were agast at my observation and thought I was being impudent, insisting they were polyester. The things were gauzy sheer and had some ugly machine embroidery on the front edge -- no lace, just machine embroidery. I found the manufacturer's tag on the cloth and read it aloud, holding it up for all to see: "100% polyester". I was vindicated. From then on I called those tacky cloths "The new altar polyesters". The church got someone to buy three sets of the things: in sparkly gold, in BMW..I mean, BMV blue, and in I'm a martyr hear my cry red. They came with matching albs, through which you could see pants legs and stockings. I wonder how many polyesters had to die for their skins so that Catholics could worship in such refined bad taste? Better call PETA!