Friday, February 22, 2008


Lately, this blog's been booming like never before. We've already beaten January's post count, plus we're on a pace to beat February 07's post count. Our combox has been a lot busier than normal too. At one point, every fifth post would get anywhere from five to eleven comments. Now we're averaging about five per post. Thanks to all our readers, and the snark team. Keep up the awesome work! I've also found more bloggers linking us. Thanks folks!

Some of you have asked me "What happened to Nick?" Nick had to leave for reasons beyond his control. Nick did absolutely nothing wrong here. In fact, we're all still very good friends. Fear not - Nick did not leave in a hostile manner (e.g., screw ya's all, I quit!), nor did we bounce him. In fact, NONE of his posts were the type that would piss anyone off in any way. He's a great guy who does great work at his cathedral. Unless he says otherwise, I prefer to leave it at that.

Thanks again for all your support. The snark blog is here to stay!
Your Christus Vincit Snark Team

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Jason Pennington said...

Indeed the blog HAS been hopping! Many thanks to our many new Lafayette readers, especially. Back in early January, my profile hits numbered around 1200 or so, but since January 14th, I'm well over 2100. It took years to get to the 1200 mark, but just in that little time, about a month, I racked up half that many! The Church is good for free advertising!