Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I just received an e-mail from the family of Jay Ricketts, founder of the Yahoo group Contemporary Catholic Music, as well as member of a Yahoo group I once founded, Lit-Mus-Comp, as well as author of the blog St. Cecilia Was Here, announcing Jay's death as of early this morning. My prayers and condolensces to Jay's family and friends, as well as for the repose of Jay's soul. The cause of his death was unknown at this time. He was 52.



Adrienne said...

So young. Prayers for him and his family.

Mr. C said...

Kyrie Eleison,
I can't believe it, Brian.
I met Jay first on the old AOL Catholic Liturgy Boards and a bunch of us finally hooked up at the Indy and Pittsburgh NPM's in 97/99, including Jay. One night in Pittsburgh we all had dinner and bar hopped.
Jay was such a gentleman and always a person of good cheer and an optimist, though he did have his share of trials, now and then.
Wow, what a loss.
Lux Aeterna upon you, Jay

Brian Michael Page said...

His last post on the CC Music boards was on 2/15 - he was in great spirits if you ask me.

I liken it to my father's death in 1981 at the age of 48. He left for work, great spirits, kissed everyone off. Next thing you know, he collapsed at work (heart attack #3) and they couldn't revive him. Scary stuff, man!


Jason Pennington said...

Sit terra tibi levis. Requiescant anima eius ac animae omnium fidelium in luce aeterna. Oremus etiam pro eis ut veniant in regnum Domini caeleste.