Sunday, February 3, 2008


Ash Wednesday, 7 PM / February 6, 2008
Blessed Sacrament Church, Providence, RI

On the most part a somewhat better lineup than what we had today. Again, the disclaimer stands - I DIDN'T PICK'EM!

These forty days of Lent, O Lord..."St. Flavian"
Yes, I shall arise...Deiss
- (still not my idea for the responsorial Psalm, though it's closer than what I've been getting)
Praise and honor to you...Masse
- (Pierre Masse is a former music director there. He's very good.)
Grant to us, O Lord...Deiss
Massive Cremation...Haugen
Keep in mind...Deiss
Jesus, remember me...Taize
This is our accepted time..."Weimar" (I really like this tune!)

Wow - seems to be Lucien Deiss day at Blessed Sacrament. We should sell some Lucien Deiss t-shirts at the doors before and after Mass. Makes for a great fundraiser for the parish. (I'd rather be playing Deiss than all that crap that one's bound to get subjected to from such hymnals as Gory and Puke and Gather Apprehensive.)

After this, I'll be laid off till after Lent. The story from the "pastoral assistant" is that they don't use the organ during Lent. They use the piano instead (one of the school teachers plays). To me, that's a bit backwards. Why would you go into a solemn season such as Lent with an instrument that's far less solemn? I guess we should be thankful that it's not the guitar.



lvschant said...

I get such a chuckle out of your renames of familiar 'hymnals' and Mass settings.

Massive Cremation... Gory and Puke and Gather Apprehensive today...

Thanks (vox feminae)!

EdenC said...

Why use not cocktail piano during Lent? Sounds like penance to me!

DJL said...

I hate to admit it (since it's my first comment here) but I filled in over there on piano this past Sunday. And: played classical guitar for "Save Your People" at Communion!

Brian Michael Page said...

Welcome, DJL.
"Save Your People" on a classical guitar has to be a lot better than the typical guitar work one would normally hear at Mass (hum-strumming to "Gather Us In" and similar ilk). "Save Your People" isn't a bad piece. I've heard far worse. Last Sunday I had to hear it as a responsorial Psalm (not good - though based on Psalm 27, it's not the Lectionary Psalm). As a Communion responsory (like you did), it's perfectly fine.

You'll LOVE two of my more recent posts -
1) My ideas on how to really make Lent different from the rest of the year
2) My experience at the church where I landed up attending Mass last Sunday.

Neither of these are a reflection on you. You're doing what you were asked to do. Give Eileen and Father C. my regards.

Welcome aboard. :)

DJL said...

One last on this thread: has anyone else seen the version of "Accepted Time" in the older We Celebrate? I'm looking at one from '01, and it's written with weird elongated rhythms that make it appear to be in 5/2 time. Are they swinging like Brubeck at Blessed Sacrament?

Brian Michael Page said...

That was actually a 16th century melody. Back then it wasn't uncommon to have some strange rythymic things going on.

If you have a Worship II hymnal kicking around, check out the "original rythym" of A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (it's #3 in that book - the normal 4/4 rythym is #2). "Comfort, Comfort, Ye My People" (#60 in same book) is another good example.