Friday, February 8, 2008


OCP's best seller is...

NOT any of the Hi God volumes
NOT any of Carey Landry's other albums
NOT any of the Saint Louis Jesuit albums (together or solo)
NOT any of the Weston Priory ditties
NOT any of the Tom Conry ditties
NOT any of the new CCM-style ditties
It sure as hell ISN'T this.

One can be very surprised to hear that OCP's best selling album is O Lux Beatissima: A Treasury of Gregorian Chant. You wouldn't think so when you look at the catalogs and see the crap that takes up the bulk of the pages (read: the stuff that gets pushed - Schutte, Haugen* Haas* Joncas, Manalo, Lung, Agrisano, etc.) and that the chant section barely gets one page. You wouldn't think so when you look through a music issue and see that same "pushed" stuff taking up about 70% of the hymnal's pages and that you hear a lot of it in most of the English-speaking parishes of the world.

*Note: Most of the music by the "artists" still known as Haugen and Haas is owned by GIA. However, there are a few ditties here and there that are owned by OCP due to the publishing outlets that they gobbled up over the years.

The fact that a chant CD is the number one OCP seller is a very pleasing surprise. But how do I know this? Well, I got this from Jeffrey Tucker at NLM, and I trust Jeffrey Tucker as about as reliable as they come (besides, he got it from "Inside information of the very reliable sort").

Now if this could only be reflected in our parishes' music programs.

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DominiSumus said...

That reminds me that I need to replace my CD after my husband took it for himself.

If you haven't heard it yet, you need to. It's great.