Saturday, February 16, 2008


Welcome to the Christus Vincit Definitive Blogroll to the following newcomers (added over the past two weeks or so):

Adrienne's Catholic Corner - lately a frequent commenter on our blog
As We Wait in Joyful Hope - a parishioner at Jason's former parish and a big fan of Jason
Back When We Were Liberal
A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars - who hosted the last Catholic Carnival I sent a post for
Eastward Christian Soldiers - found tonight via Who Links to Me
Hazel Page (The) - found tonight via the TTLB Ecosystem
Perpetual Thursday - found tonight via the TTLB Ecosystem
A Thorn in the Pew - found tonight via Who Links to Me
Vox Feminae - another blogger from Jason's neck of the woods

While going through our sidebar tonight, I checked out the Find Out Who's Linking to Christus Vincit (Who Links to Me) and the TTLB Ecosystem links and confirmed that four blogs I had never seen before have at one point or another added us to their blogrolls, so I added them to ours.

Just a reminder that the blogroll is listed alphabetically, with articles (A, An, The) moved to the end of the title. Therefore, A Thorn in the Pew is listed under "T", not "A".


lvschant said...

Thanks for the plug... I enjoy your blog and read it nearly every day. I also nominated you on the blog awards...

Janet. (vox feminae)

Ebeth said...

Thank you Brian Michael and Jason...You guys are great, I have added you to the pillar's blogroll, so THERE!!! Now we have to read each other's blog more often!

Wonderful community of Catholic bloggers!! I'm thrilled to be part of your blogroll....