Thursday, February 21, 2008


Sequel to this post!

Now that you've read all those bad metaphors, similies, and what not, here's one that actually comes from ESPN. Listen at about the 1:15 mark. Rhino Page at the perfect time is starting to heat up like a piece of beef at a Mongolian barbecue. I think this is the same commentator who introduced the term "hambone" when referring to four strikes in a row. (I use the term "chicken", incidentally, to refer to that "turkey", or third strike in a row, that doesn't happen - yeah, you get two in a row, then when trying for the third, you get that single pin that's like a weeble - it wobbles, but it doesn't fall down!)

BTW, Rhino Page and I are NOT related. However, my son Chris, who's dang close to being in the PBA himself (he wants to finish college first, good move), has met him.


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