Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Paula at As We Wait in Joyful Hope, a parishioner at Jason's old stomping grounds, wrote a very flattering review of...

What was so fun was listening to Brian talk! He accent is so different from I normally hear around here and he has such a nice singing voice. He has a wonderful tone to his voice (just call me Paula Abdul!). Not only that, but it was fun listening to some of the different chants that can be used at Mass. Thanks for giving me something nice and informative to listen to while doing that darn ole exercise! I use any excuse to get out of it, but with the podcast, I just kept walking the track till it was over...30 minutes and done!

WOW! A wonderful tone to my voice??? Not bad considering it's the SAME voice that supposedly pissed off a lot of people in my last parish. HA! (just kidding)

Thanks much for your kind words.

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