Friday, February 1, 2008


February 3, 2008 / Sunday IV
Blessed Sacrament Church, Providence, RI

The "I didn't pick these" disclaimer stands.

Faith of our fathers, living still..."St. Catherine"
Blest are they...Haas (We gotta talk here! Time to print that paragraph from the GIRM about hymns/songs not to be used in place of the Psalm and hand it to these folk!)
Alleluia...Mode VI
Be not afraid...Dufford (What the hell are they thinking?)
Jesuits Mass (Sanctus/Amen)...Schutte/Dufford (Again, what the hell are they thinking?)
Christ has died, alleluia...Wise
Eye has not seen...Haugen
A mighty fortress is our God..."Ein' Feste Berg" (My guess is that it's the Westendorf text in the People's Mass Book)

Top picks are the opening, alleluia, and closing. Someone wasn't thinking straight here, especially with the Mass.


R.J.L. said...

I'd rather the Psalm read, if they put hymns there instead. I'd take "Be Very Afraid" out and move blest are they to offertory is it's a must that they do it.

Brian Michael Page said...

I would too. I'm still curious as to who the sam hell's been picking the music. I'm filling in for an injured music director (he fell on ice in December). It's not the first time they've tried to do this. I plan on printing the paragraph from the GIRM that says "hymns/songs must not be sung in place of the Responsorial Psalm", and the paragraph in, I believe it's, Musicam Sacram, which states that Mass texts must not be altered (which is my excuse to get out of the Jesuits Mass and the Joe Wise ditty).

Mara Joy said...

Faith of Our Fathers? Oh, so you mean they didn't rename it "A Living Faith" like they did in my hymnal? (ritual song)

Brian Michael Page said...

Thankfully, there are two hymnals there, and RitualSong isn't one of them.

We use the 1984 People's Mass Book and the current Breaking Bread. Much of the more traditional stuff gets picked out of the PMB. So, "Faith of our Fathers" remains intact. Thank God!