Tuesday, March 21, 2006


And I sit here in my parlor cheering on!

Check this article out!
Pope’s upcoming Apostolic Exhortation likely to call for increased liturgical solemnity, reintegration of Latin (I must inform you that this is contrary to the modern teachings of certain "professional" organizations and of certain "Catholic" publishers.)

Hat tips to Cantate Deo and The New Liturgical Movement!



Jason Pennington said...

Well, I think I can speak for us all here at Christus Vincit, that we're ready for the reform of the reform....our lamps have oil.


Anonymous said...

Other hopeful qualities notwithstanding, if it takes the form of forbidding applause at Mass then puh-RAISE God! :)

Anonymous said...

In our parish, Father leads clapping when the kiddies leave for Sunday School and when they come back in, plus several more times when he invites parishioners to air Protestantesque "Joys and Concerns" just before the final blessing.
How often do you have applause at your parishes, and what situations seem to bring it on?

Brian Michael Page said...

Usually here it's only at weddings, after "you may kiss the bride" or "I now present to you Mister and Missus Bugs Bunny", etc.

Before I got there, it was after the choir did their "production number". But since I got there and we switched over to Catholic music, the musically-induced applause stopped abruptly (thank God!)


Anonymous said...

TPTB always encourage people to applaud after baptisms - "Let us now welcome our newest member" or something like that, and then applause as the parents, godparents and newly baptized, and priest make their way from the back of the nave, where the baptismal font is located, back to the front.

On the other hand, at my home parish, you hear applause after every Mass, after the choir (or cantor, if there is no choir) finishes singing the Closing Hymn, or the organist or pianist finishes a postlude, if there's any. Irritates the heck out of me, and I don't join in.