Tuesday, March 14, 2006

St. Patrick at St. Patrick's

The Feast of Saint Patrick
Patron of the Diocese of Harrisburg
Titular Saint of the Cathedral Church

Because Saint Patrick is our diocesan patron, the day is raised from the rank of Memorial to the rank of Feast, the vesture is white, and the Gloria is sung.

Entrance: By All Your Saints Still Striving / AURELIA
(a verse for St. Patrick was written by Fr. N. Sullivan, director of the Office of Worship, Diocese of Harrisburg)

Kyrie: adapted from Kyrie IX by NFB

Gloria: Carroll T. Andrews

Psalm 96: Michel Guimont

Gospel Acclamation: chant, arr. NFB

Offertory: Go Make of All Disciples / ELLACOMBE

Sanctus XVIII

Mem. Acc. B: adapted by NFB

Simple Amen

Agnus Dei XVIII

Communion: Lord, When You Came to the Seashore

Recessional: O God Beyond All Praising / THAXTED

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