Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lent III at the Cathedral

Entrance: Lift High the Cross / CRUCIFER

Kyrie: arr NFB

Psalm 19 (5:30, 7:30, 12:15): Michel Guimont
Psalm 95 (9:30): Michel Guimont

Gospel Acclamation: chant, arr NFB

(9:30) First Scrutiny of The Elect

Offertory Hymn: The Church's One Foundation / AURELIA

Anthem at 9:30: Thou Knowest, Lord, the Secrets of Our Hearts -- Henry Purcell

Sanctus XVIII

Mem. Acc. B: arr NFB

Simple Amen

Pater Noster

Agnus Dei XVIII

Communion: Attende Domine (alternate English and Latin)

Anthem at 9:30: As the Hart Longeth -- R. Evan Copley

Recessional: There's a Wideness in God's Mercy / IN BABILONE


Brian Michael Page said...

Almost forgot - scrutinies use the Year A scripture, including Psalm. Was ready to ask on Psalm 95, then thought about it.


Anonymous said...

What IS the proper music for Scrutinies? My Pastoral Assassin forces us to endure the David Haas one, the one that includes a chant about avoiding "meaningless casual sex." I usually "forget" that verse when I'm cantoring. I would dearly love to present other options to Father. Help!

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

The Ritual does not prescribe any music for the celebration of the Scrutinies. There is an OPTION of a song after the exorcism and before the dismissal, "for example, Psalm 6, 26, 32, 38, 39, 40, 51, 116:1-9, 130, 139, or 142." We will not exercise that option. While it's not mentioned, chanting the intercessions is probably a valid option as well.

Haas created his own crap that he's selling as part of the ritual and it's not. (And everyone eats it up like the red punch at Jones Town)


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

OK, CastCantor...

I give up. Where is the HaugenDass song about meaningless casual sex? I have to see this one for myself, and I couldn't find it in either of the Haas RCIA books (we have them here from my predecessor)


Brian Michael Page said...

I'm in total agreement with Nick, and will even go further by saying that for years Haugen and Haas have been trying to take it upon themselves to re-write the liturgy, contrary to the opinions and directives of Holy Mother Church. What's this crap Haugen has now - a "Gather Us In Gathering Rite" or a "Shepherd Me Gathering Rite" - something like that??? I can't stress enough that there is no such thing as a gathering rite.

As for the scrutinies, in addition to those Psalm selections Nick mentioned, the only thing different is the readings (simply Year A for that Sunday).

Don't let Marty Haugen or David Haas re-write your liturgy. We don't give God the Liturgy. God gave it to us as his gift, to be celebrated, not sabotaged.


Anonymous said...

Thank you all, for your advice and support! I will start planning (plotting) for next year. I really didn't know what the rubrics were for this.
I dream of ways to show people how absurd this is: Sing it in Latin? Add a melisma to the word "Sex"? But for decency's sake I usually opt to pretend to "forget" as much of it as possible, and I watch P.A. do a slow burn in the pew. Father is beginning to tire of P.A.'s antics, so I think there is real hope for next year -- just not this year. We have made great inroads elsewhere. . . which is part of the reason P.A. is struggling to hold on to this.
I appreciate your support! I will post the lyrics as soon as I have them. P.A. does not trust me, a member of the Faith Community, to hold on to them until Saturday.
Signing off for now, I am CastCantor, trying not to be thrown overboard by the Cruise Director of the S.S. Faith Journey.

Anonymous said...

So as long the casual sex is meaningful, it's okay, right? (Can't wait for a Latin version, maybe he'll include something about coitus interruptus...)

-Chris C.

Anonymous said...

Mea culpa. I have accused David Haas of crimes he did not commit. He did write a "Scrutinies" . . . and I'm sure it's orthodox, based in chant, and totally rad.
It's Marty Haugen's "Scrutinies" I'll be wailing tomorrow night. Still don't have the music, but I got a call from another insurrectioni-- uh, another member of the Faith Community, who has managed to snag a copy.
And there's more news -- P.A. has apparently workshopped, dialogued and catharted with the catechumens and candidates to produce their OWN scrutinies. It's not Marty or David writing the liturgy, now it's the RCIA!
Haven't seen the writings yet. This is an unexpected curveball. I could tell her that if they're goin' to write 'em, they can sure as well sing 'em. I'm probably going to say something to that effect tomorrow after Mass.
What could these new litanies be? I can't believe that anything could top "meaningless casual sex", but I suspect that I will be forced to give voice to sins heretofore not mentioned outside the confessional.
I can only imagine. "From Walmart shopping sprees at the expense of local businesses, from morbid obesity caused by too many Cheetos, from blowing our leaves onto our neighbor's lawns each fall, from neglecting our dental health, deliver us O Lord."
Shall I record this atrocity for a future Podcast?