Friday, March 17, 2006



One does more to restore the sacred.
One does more to promote faithfulness to the liturgy documents as prescribed by the USCCB, BCL, the Vatican, and the Holy See.
One's dues are $60 a year less than the other.
One takes the word of a Vatican Official (e.g., the Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship and Sacraments) over the brainwashings of a certain organization's founders, favored publishers, and favored songwriters and liturgist wannabes.
One can handle the Truth!

That "One" is the same person in all five of the above sentences. See if you can guess which one it is. There is only ONE clear choice!



Jason Pennington said...

Add the Church Music Association to the list there of vital organizations to the restoration of the sacred...for 30 bucks a year. The CMAA journal Sacred Music makes that NPM rag they call a professional journal look like the Sunday comics (actually, I correct myself, the NPM rag makes the Sunday Comics look like a professional journal).

At the end of the day, ebay will be hawking a load of Gather and Gather comprehensive, and that idiot Virgilius Funkus will be madly flipping through his Latin dictionary trying to figure out how to pronunce "Ut queant laxis".

Brian Michael Page said...

I may look into the CMAA journal. I already like the Adoremus Bulletin. My parish pays for that. I don't mind using the money I'm saving from NOT being an NPM member (and being smoke free for the past month and a half helps too) for CMAA. It's definitely a worthy thing.

I have some of their old predecessor issues over here - CAECILIA.


Todd said...

Adoremus = "Let us adore"

Doesn't the focus on "us" bother you? (wink)

Have a holy and blessed Lent.

Brian Michael Page said...

Todd, Todd, Todd - that focus on "us": don't you have that confused with "Let us BE ADORED?" (hehehehehe - had to)

Holy and Blessed Lent to you as well, and have a joyful Laetare Sunday.