Monday, March 20, 2006


Two related posts from Musica Sacra!

First, the letter written and sent to Catholic New York by organist/choirmaster David Hughes. Click here to read this well-put letter.

Then, read this take from the composer himself, Michael Joncas, found in OCP's planning guide Today's Liturgy. At the same time, Fr. Joncas doesn't think that certain liturgy documents, namely the IGMR, Liturgiam Authenticam, and Redemptionis Sacramentum, should be taken too seriously. Well, that sounds like some of the posters I know (I won't mention names) on the NPM message boards. They'll take Fr. Funk's brainwashings over the teachings of Holy Mother Church and her authorities. More on that in later posts.
Note: not everyone on the NPM boards are bad. The bad ones, however, outweigh the good in voice and in clout. More later.



Praying Twice said...


How in the blazes do I get on the NPM boards? I'm a member (somewhat reluctantly) and I tried to sign up for the boards to no avail . . . what's the deal?

Brian Michael Page said...

Ya gots to be approved by the list owner, ya see. And even then, they check ya over. Your best bet of getting in (if you dare) is DON'T TELL THEM THAT JASON OR I SENT YOU. That would boot yer @$$ out of there in a heartbeat.

The next bet is give them your church name, job title, and tell them you are a member (they may ask for some member ID # these days, I don't know).

Worse, all new members must have their messages approved. Ya see, I was on their boards from 1998-2003, then when I joined again in mid 2004, I was on moderation for the next year and a half. Basically, if your teachings don't agree with the liberal ilk, don't expect to get your message approved too quickly.

Good luck.

Argent said...

So how's it feel to be a persona non grata? ;)

Jason Pennington said...

Persona non grata? Well, being a P.N.G. in the eyes of the NPM, is the same thing as being a Roman Catholic in the eyes of the Southern Baptist Convention.