Tuesday, March 21, 2006


You can now get ringtones of all your favorite Catholic "hits".

Pretty soon, the cell phone will be the new instrument of choice at Holy Mass, if some have their way. But thankfully, our favorite bomb, the B16, is here. So, that won't happen! :)

I would like to order the following:
1. Mode V Ave Verum
2. Mode VIII Veni Creator
3. Mode VI Ubi Caritas
4. Mode III Pange Lingua
5. Mode V Divinum Mysterium (for Christmas, er, "the holidays")



Jason Pennington said...

"Anything to make money" -- the OCP motto.

Argent said...

Be Not Afraid et al sound even more depressing as ringtones. Good grief!

Okay, isn't there a ring tone maker program somewhere?