Saturday, March 11, 2006


Hat tip to Dave at Improvised!

Dave has two really cool churches illustrated. First, this 1960's built church that was amongst the bland looking churches - St. Aloysius, New Canaan, CT:

Now, this beautiful renovation in the 1990's.

While many churches and even cathedrals were busy getting wreck-o-vated (a la Abp. Weakland, who made a total mess-up of what was a beautiful cathedral in Milwaukee), this church was getting a reverse treatment done - it looks beautiful now, even for a modern ediface.

Now, here's a completely new building, built in the 1990's - Holy Spirit, Atlanta, GA

Yes, I did say 1990's, not 1890's! This church even has a choir loft, and an 18-rank pipe organ.

This altar looks quite nice too. And to think, this church looks a good 100 years older than it really is. It's stunning! For more pics, click here. Dave also has the sanctuary, tabernacle, and confessional.

Kudos, high-fives, and many blessings to the pastors of these parishes, and to architects of their church buildings!


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