Friday, March 3, 2006


Somewhere along the line, the guy upstairs from me found some old music and left it in front of my door in a decent sized box just the other day. I've yet to see him to thank him (and find out just where he got all this stuff, as he isn't a musician, but knows I am), but I did go through the box and sort out my keepers:

Standard Gregorian Chants, McLaughlin and Reilly
Improving Music Reading in the Choral Rehearsal, by Lara G. Hoggard (1947)
Wedding Music (Vol. 1), Carlo Rossini/J. Fischer and Bro. (what's nice is nothing is titled, just the key signature is noted - so much of this could probably pass for any old prelude or postlude)
Fantasie on Dies Irae, for organ - by Francis W. Snow/Boston Music Co.
Eight Short Preludes for Organ, Albert J. Dooner/GIA (1956, back when they were known as the Gregorian Institute of America)
Ave Maria, A.H. RoSewig/J. Fischer and Bro. (this is the lower key version)
Graduel Paroissial, the accompaniment of the Mass chants (Advent through Holy Week) (1933, all titles and instruction are in French)
Seven Last Words of Christ, Theodore Dubois (replaces the one I lost in the infamous Pawtucket Mill Fire 11/14/03)
The Liturgical Organist, Carlo Rossini (Volume 1)
Suite d'Orgue, F. de La Tombelle (1911 copyright date - all instruction and titles are in French, the copyright notice is the only thing in English)
Fifth Symphony, Charles Marie Widor
Pieces d'Orgue, Dom Paul Benoit
Fifty Elevations for Organ on Modal Themes, also by Benoit
Anthologia pro Organo I, Schott Freres
The Technic of the Baton, Albert Stoessel (1928)

I am not parting with any of the above!
Now, here's something else I'm not parting with from that box - I have some old issues of a periodical called CAECILIA. These are dated in the 1950's. I have here:
July/August 1952 (with music supplement)
September/October 1954 (with music supplement)
January/February 1955 (with music supplement)
March/April 1955 (with music supplement - cool early article on Alexander Peloquin in this one)
September/October 1955 (with music supplement)
September/October 1956 (music supplement only)
Spring 1959
Summer 1959
(the 1959 issues didn't include any music)
The music in these were published (on the most part) by McLaughlin and Reilly, including some early work by Alex Peloquin, John Lee, and Joseph J. McGrath. Much of the Peloquin work in these issues got a Nihil Obstat by Fr. Norman LeBoeuf, who headed the then-Gregorian School of Providence, and an Imprimatur by the late Most Rev. Russell J. McVinney, then-Bishop of Providence. Peloquin was a teacher and lecturer at the Gregorian School, via invite by Father LeBoeuf. The school was open for organists and choir directors of the Diocese of Providence.

Gregorian School! Those were the good old days. The Gregorian School's been gone for quite some time (Fr. LeBoeuf passed in 1984, Dr. Peloquin in 1997). Now it's guitar schools and ensemble schools. (YUK!)



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful find! I've been looking for stuff from Sr. Theophane Hytrek and Sr. Cherubim Schaefer, and I believe McLaughlin and Reilly have published their stuff.

I had a similar experience - whenever I go home (to San Diego), I always visit a store near the College area called "The Organ Stop." They carry some used organ music, and 10% of the proceeds from those sales benefit the local AGO chapter. One of the longtime organists, Robert Slusser, was going into assisted living, and so his rather extensive organ collection was brought to Organ Stop. The manager told me I could sift through a box filled with music that he didn't think he would sell as it was either very old and falling apart, or sustained water damage. I picked up a lot of great music that way. Hopefully one of these days, I'll be proficient enough at the organ to be able to play them.

(By the way, I remembered reading in TAO that Slusser had passed away last summer. Hopefully he knows that his music has found good homes ...)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I want to live in YOUR apartment building!

The Leper