Saturday, March 11, 2006


Fr. Seraphim Beshoner is a Third Order Franciscan who is also a podcaster. He also has a blog with a complete listing of other Catholic podcasts around the world (several are also in Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, etc.). On the front page of his listings blog, he keeps a daily list of the Top Ten from Podcast Alley, and the top six or seven or so from iTunes. But he also has a "Catholic Podcast of the Day" feature. These usually include regularly updated podcasts that don't make the Top Ten lists.

The "Catholic Podcast of the Day" feature is the one I made yesterday. Here is Fr. Seraphim's review:
"The Christus Vincit Podcast mixes advice on music selection for liturgy and humor for a very entertaining podcast. Learn the ins and outs of the various hymnals, the background of Latin music and experience the Mass more fully - plus there's a wacky Leprechaun."

Fr. Seraphim has some excellent podcasts of his own, including Catholic: Under the Hood. BTW, he also has a "Frobot" in one of his episodes, which he started about the same time as my "Leprechaun" (who will be known as Shamus O'Reilly starting tomorrow). In fact, one can even go into and scroll down the sidebar and find his podcasts listed there.

That "Frobot" scene was cool. I got to hear a cool debate at the end, when Father had asked "Who's the greater saint?" Two of these "robotic priests", one a Dominican and the other a Franciscan, argue amongst themselves - "Dominic!" "Francis!" "Dominic!" "Francis!".

Thanks for the great review, Fr. Seraphim, and keep up your great work!


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