Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Hi A"

VALENCIA, Spain, MARCH 10, 2006 ( The archbishop of Valencia described as "ridiculous" the civil registry's change in the terms "father" and "mother" to "progenitor A" and "progenitor B."

In his pastoral letter this week, Archbishop Agustín García Gasco stated that "those who dedicate themselves to abolishing family identity, who are making the juridical and social meaning of 'being father' and 'being mother' disappear, are imposing their ideological instructions to destroy the institution of the family and, with it, society itself."

Spanish law allows for same-sex unions, including the adoption of children.

Subsequently, the Official State Bulletin establishes, with an order of the Ministry of Justice, a new family book form in which the terms "progenitor A" and "progenitor B" supplant "father" and "mother," according to archdiocese's Avan news agency.

For Archbishop García Gasco, "Spanish legislation in the matter of marriage and the family is every day more deceitful, sectarian and radical."

In his pastoral letter, he invites families to "break absurd silences" because "to complain or laugh about the absurd anti-family policies is not enough."

He encourages the faithful to consider the forthcoming World Meeting of Families in Valencia as "a privileged occasion for families worldwide to manifest their initiative and solidarity."

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Brian Michael Page said...

Ouch! God, our Progenitor A, pray for us that we don't have to go through such changes. We ask this through Jesus Christ, and through Mary, his Progenitor B.

That didn't sound good either.

What's the matter with these people these days???