Saturday, March 11, 2006


I ran into a few more old books that were in a box in my driveway. The guy who lives upstairs from me has been coming up with this stuff. So, here is the addendum of keepers:

Digest of Regulations and Rubrics of Catholic Church Music, Rev. Robert F. Hayburn (pub. by McLaughlin and Reilly in 1961 - Fr. Hayburn was Director of Music for the Archdiocese of San Francisco)
The New Instruction for American Pastors on Sacred Music and the Liturgy, William J. Leonard, SJ (also McLaughlin and Reilly - 1959; Fr. Leonard, a Jesuit, was then Secretary for the National Liturgical Conference)
A Practical Guide for Catholic Church Organists and Choir Directors, Joseph A. Murphy (Gregorian Institute of America, 1962)
Laus et Jubilatio, Carlo Rossini (1942 - a collection of chant hymns and Mass chants, melody-only edition)
Secunda Antholigia Vocalis, Orestes Ravanello (McLaughlin and Reilly, no date - a small book of three part motets)
Holy Week, Leo P. Manzetti (1923, a Breviary and Missal for Holy Week)

Then, a few more issues of CAECILIA:
August 1957
Summer 1958
Fall 1958
Winter 1959
(none of these have music supplements within the issues, though a separate piece was issued in the August 1957 issue - Magnum Nomen Domini Emmanuel, in SATB arrangement from the Andernach Gesangbuch, 1608.)


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