Wednesday, June 7, 2006


The Ironic Catholic announced an Ironic Catholic Haiku Contest. For anyone who doesn't know what a "haiku" is, it's a short verse, three lines, poetic meter 5-7-5 - that is five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. Doesn't have to rhyme. Rythym needs not be consistant either.

"Trapped in Brooklyn", via comment to Ironic Catholic wrote this one that I thought was funny:
Haugen Joncas Haas
When I think of their music
I always pass gas

Here are three of my own:
1. Trautman can't endure
an "authentic liturgy",
Mahony neither.

2. LA Cathedral:
In my eyes it passes for
Subsidized housing.

3. Hootenanny Mass:
I will walk out of this church
if I see guitars.

Those are my submissions to the Ironic Catholic, via comment. ;)

Someone who really can write a killer haiku is Jack Bennett at Idle Mendacity. Check his blog out!



Anonymous said...

Here of mine are few
From the left of de rigeur
Tis art? Not quite sure.

What “is” in L.A.
In Providence cannot see
What will be, will be

Judge others as fools
Thy mirror will prove thy tool
Replied “Golden Rule”

What is it God asks?
The minimum of right sound
In our voice abounds.

Chant or song or hymn
When wind, cords, tongues conspire
Discord lies mired.

"Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est."

rhapsody said...

"Hootenanny Mass"...

Painfully funny!!!


Staying in Balance said...

In our parish, the early Mass on Sunday features guitars and banjos. We call it "the ruckus."

As the cantor for the later Mass, I refuse to announce the "gathering" and "sending" "songs". Instead, I announce them as "opening" and "closing" "hymns".

modern catholic "hymns"
centuries of great music
quietly dying

Brian Michael Page said...

Until I stopped announcing at the beginning of April, I just said

"Please stand and join in singing hymn number..." (for the opening)
For others it was the same without the words "stand and".

I like the haiku, btw.