Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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A Change of Tune in the Vatican

An article from Chiesa about the new direction of music in the church, beginning with the firing of Msgr. Bartolucci in 1997, and the subsequent corrections under the current papacy.


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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your finding and posting of this article about Monsignor Bartolucci and the tribute paid him by the Holy Father. This concert, as well as the letter sent to Cardinal Bertolene's former see, Geneo, tells us much about Pope Benedict's truly charitable and gracious nature that has been (seemingly) systematically suppressed or ignored by the general media.
All that said, there is an issue about the Sistine Chapel Choir (which I have heard in person live under Bartolucci's direction) that I truly hope the Holy Father will also give due attention: choral performance practice. I do understand that the concerns about maestro Vitales' repertoire inclinations versus those of Bertolucci are valid. However, the choir itself needs a performance practice/philosophy overhaul. Simply put (very difficult for me, you know) the profundo/bravuro operatic choral tone of the men and the inattention to the development of the purity and healthy vocal tone of the boys' treble voices needs to be addressed. With the wonderful proliferation of incredible and very authentic choirs from Anonymous 4 to Tallis Scholars or the Sixteen etc. et al, Capella Sixtina does not represent the best
of Roman Catholic choral practice as well it should. There are hundreds of American high school, not to mention collegiate, choirs that sing Palestrina, Victoria and Lotti much more purely and authentically than does the SCC. I wish it weren't so.