Friday, June 2, 2006


Several blogs have been posting about this sick and twisted little program called the Roman Catholic Womenpriests Program, which, btw, is not sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church (or any established Christian church whatsoever).

I've read takes by Gerald, Jeff, Terry, and NYer, all with this here picture, and all hilarious.

Click here for my reaction when I ever read the line:
"My name is Victoria Rue,'' she said. "And I am a Roman Catholic woman priest.''

Is that cat laughing with her? NO, she's laughing at her! Roman Catholic woman priest! What a hoot! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Come in out of the rain, you dizzy dames! And quit toasting yerselves! You can tell they're doing this out of sheer defiance, and this so-called "Mass" looks more like a rehearsal for some stage show.

Here you see these same poncho ladies ordaining more ladies for the ponchohood. And they said, go out and make ponchos for all the woman priest wannabes.
(Photo courtesy of the Ox Files)
Again, looks more like a rehearsal, or a bad swearing in at the local American Legion Auxiliary unit. (BTW, the "bishopette" on the right is checking for lice)

Jeff Miller asks, Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho?
Neither. Those are those "poncho in a bag" thingies you see at one of those "dollar stores".

Roman Catholic women priests! HA! And Elvis rose from the dead!



The Crescat said...

I thought they looked like big red trash bags. Crap like this is so irritating. Why don't they just join some prostenant sect... oh I know... it wouldn't make the news.

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...


They're the crappy ponchos that are thinner than a garbage bag that you see everyone pull out when it starts raining at the ball park.



Daniel Muller said...

Maybe this will lead to the banning of laity from priestly formation and concomitant persecution of seminarians in M.Div. programs.

We can always hope.