Saturday, June 3, 2006


Hat tip to Gerald.

This was found in the makeshift sacristy of the "womynpriests" chapel.

They have also gotten a gift from a very important Los Angeles figure...

Does the glass container on the left look familiar? Why yes! It's our old friend KoolAid Man, handed down to the womyn by none other than Roger Cardinal Mahony.

Here are some highlights of the "Mass" as celebrated by these poncho-clad not-so-Catholic priestesses:

"While they were at dinner, she broke bread, gave it to her friends and they all fought, screaming LEGGO MY EGGO!"

"(Priestess): Let us proclaim the mystery of faith.
(KoolAid Man): OH YEAH!"

One may note the difference in what is done in case of a spill. In a REAL Mass, if there is a spill of either the Body or Blood of Our Lord, it is cleaned ever so carefully so that no part of Jesus remains on the floor, while others pray over it. In a womynpriest Mass, if there is a spill, one of the "deaconettes" will simply come out with the Swiffer. If it's a waffle spill, there is a dustpan and brush hanging on the side of the makeshift altar.

In the meantime, to refresh your memory a bit, check out this Catholicism for Dummies excerpt at The Ox Files.


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Carol ReMarks said...

What the hell is this? Tell me this is fake too, please please please tell me these girls are NOT trying to do mass.