Sunday, June 18, 2006


First, the American Papist has a poll out: Are you in favor of the new translation of the Mass?

You can probably guess how I voted. But here's the score at the time I am typing this post:
Of 433 votes, 90.1% say YEA, 5.8% are undecided, and 4.2% say NAY.

Second, for you podcast listeners out there, don't forget to make that trip to Podcast Alley if you haven't this month and cast your vote for CHRISTUS VINCIT over there. You can cast it via Podcast Alley or on the sidebar of the podcast site there's a direct link. You will have to confirm an e-mail addy, but rest assured its sole purpose is so that no vote gets cast more than once in a given month. So, please? Pretty please?


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