Monday, June 26, 2006


Hat tip to Whispers in the Loggia.

In its most recent Newsletter, the USCCB Committee for the Liturgy announced that a 9 October consultation is to be held in Chicago to seek "the advice of organizations and groups dealing with questions of music and the liturgy."

I hope they're selective as to which "organizations and groups" these guys will be seeking advice from than certain agenda-driven organizations themselves or the big publishers they support.

Within five years of Liturgiam authenticam, the document stipulated that each episcopal conference was to prepare an official Directory "or repertory of texts intended for liturgical singing" within its jurisdiction. The USCCB will likely be the first conference to vote on a proposed Directory at its November meeting, to be held this year in Baltimore.

This needs a 2/3 majority vote, just as the Ordinary of the Mass needed, btw. Its intent was to build a "common repertoire" for parishes in the United States.

The Chicago consultation will be held with an eye toward "discuss[ing] the revision" of Music and Catholic Worship and Liturgical Music Today, which are viewed as the "two foundational documents on the subject of the music and the sacred liturgy."

It needs it. I found both of these documents to be agenda-driven at the time they came out.



aaron said...

Did Card. Arinze say something about sacred music in the last 12 months? Soomething like Gregorian Chant should be, if at all possible, the norm?>

Brian Michael Page said...

Aaron, here's a PowerPoint document from the BCL's Subcommittee on Music and the Liturgy. I couldn't find the .ppt document in the BCL site, though it was there last winter. It might have been removed. However, someone at one point was gracious enough to convert it to .pdf, and I uploaded it here.


Anonymous said...

The .ppt update on the music subcommittee is found at

Argent said...

MCW and LMT agenda driven??? Really? ;)

Brian Michael Page said...

Indeed Argent. Those two docs had traces of NPM/Virgil Funk-isms all over them, especially LMT.