Friday, June 30, 2006


In the wake of the new translation, I am writing a rough draft music setting to what I have of the new ICEL translation. Yes, I understand that there are amendments aplenty and we still don't know what Rome will approve and reject. When that time comes, I will rework as required. For that reason for now, I'm writing only a melody and basic accompaniment at this time. However, after approvals and all necessary reworks, I will then provide choir and instrument parts.

I want to be as close to ready as humanly possible. God only knows the big three publishers and their composers will be ready with their heavy artillery. But I also want it to be good. I have no intention on rushing. I will either submit to CanticaNOVA or go on my own at the proper time.

I'm working on the Gloria as I write this. Title: Mass of the Heavenly Hosts.



Brian Michael Page said...

Rest assured, MJB, that there will be NO refrains in this setting.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool, Brian! Best of luck as you write this.

Argent said...

Way cool, Brian. Let us know when we can see snippets.