Thursday, June 22, 2006 IS BACK UP

UPDATE 6/22/06: Subdomains are now working! That means you can access the following by its individual subdomains, as well as via the master page at
Christus Vincit Music -
Holy Ghost Music Ministry -
Christus Vincit Podcasting -
Christus Vincit Home Companion -

A front page is now up for the Home Companion. The Home Companion is a cool indexing feature that I'm working on for all 550-plus posts on this here blog, so you can find your favorite posts and get p***ed off at me, laugh, cry, re-inform yourself of certain items of note, etc. It's a cute little feature that will either hit or miss. I don't care, but it's there. You might like it when it's done!

Everything above in this post supercedes this paragraph below from yesterday:
We are now up at on a new server. I have two pages to go and it's complete. I've added this cool play button on the new look podcast pages. I'm skipping the subdomain bit. So simply access the master page and you can access from that index Christus Vincit Music, Holy Ghost Music Ministry, Christus Vincit Podcasting, and there's even a link to this here blog. I'm also adding a new companion page. Explanations later! That will be up in about a week or so if I have my way.

More as this develops. In the meantime, check it out. Kick the tires. Rev the motor a bit. Put down a few holeshots. Enjoy yourself.

Oh, here's that play button I was talking about. Go ahead. Press it!



Argent said...

Ha! I imagined y'all playing in a sandbox with the first part of William Tell Overture playing in the background. And then the Leprechaun breaks into the scene and zaps ya.

Brian Michael Page said...

Yup - that's the same promo that's linked on the sidebar on this blog.

That play button, btw, is all over my podcast pages now.


Anonymous said...

Brian put me in exile when he made that promo! I had some cool ideas for it too, but he said I had a few too many beers that day. Dang, I only had a six pack (hiccup)!

Shamus O'Reilly
The Christus Vincit Leprechaun

The Crescat said...

no way... I already pushed "play" on Jay's blog & got in trouble @ work. Aint doing that twice.

Anonymous said...

On another board I've infrequently visited (, the Keeper of the Board has a button that reads "Panic Attack - My boss is coming" or something like this. So you press that button, and some sort of graph fills up your computer screen.

I thought that was cool.

And yes, I have listened to Brian's (and others') podcasts while at work, but that is where a good pair of headphones comes in handy. And with all the data analysis and report writing I have to do at work, it works just fine.

Now of course if I can afford a good mp3 player, that would be even better ...