Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I heard this from someone the other day:

Wherever you go, I shall go
This song, on occasion, gets requested - often for funerals, sometimes even for weddings. But I ask this question - What if you're going to hell? Do I go too? ;)



Charles in CA said...

In your musings, are you tweaking the Dameans or Naomi and Ruth....or worse, both? One doesn't know about those Old Testament women, now does one?

Brian Michael Page said...

Charles, Neither. How about a certain former Benedictine from northern New England?

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

I thought it was Handel...wait...no, that'd be "Wherever you walk". Never mind

~nb, retreating to the cave

Alabama said...

You are always making me think. LOL ;-)

Charles in CA said...

Oops, you're right, as usual. I hate the proliferation of senior moments. What I don't get is why would anyone want that text (set by Gregory the Not-so-Great) at a FUNERAL!
Speaking of Norbertines, how stand ye on his "Ave Maria" setting?

Brian Michael Page said...

I don't like it at all, though I've seen worse in the line of Ave Maria's - like "Hail Mary Gentle Woman".

As for the bulk of the Norbert-fare, I find most of the lyric in most (not all) of his pieces to come off as more of a love ballad than sacred song. It's horrible. "All I Ask of You" would be the greatest offender, if you ask me.


Chris C. said...

Eek. I came across "All I Ask Of You" the other day as I was filing some music -- haven't used it in ages -- and all I could think was, "Wow, we used to sing this *at Mass*?"

There's a piece called "Peace" (ha!) which I think is a Norbert (could be wrong, have to check later) which we use occasionally. The lyrics seem decent and reasonably appropriate for liturgy, from what I can remember of it.

-Chris C.

lyn f. said...

Here's an interesting thing. Years ago, when the choir was going through "Hosea," I kept thinking it was very familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on why. Then I realised - it was something I heard on the radio in Manila, and it was a popular love ballad, drippy and sentimental, just like the way Filipinos love it. I don't remember any more if the words were the same, similar, or adapted with words in Tagalog.

RP Burke said...

Ever seen Flor Peeters's setting of this? I've sung it and it's artistic and simple.

Brian Michael Page said...

Haven't seen the Peeters, but since Peeters doesn't exactly write in the "love ballad" style that you'd expect from the ex-OSB, I'd be interested in seeing the Peeters.

BMP (who STILL doesn't mind using pieces from "The Little Organ Book")

lyn f. said...

I believe I have two versions of it, high voice and medium voice. Remind me, and I'll search through my library for them. I can scan them in and send them as pdf files. Let me know and I'll do that. cartilagineol at hotmail dot com