Thursday, June 29, 2006

A New Parody!!!

Went to visit theMoratorium site to look for anything new, and I ran across this new parody! Enjoy...



Ashtrays (after Tom Conry, Ashes)

We gather round the ashtray and smoke our fine cigars,
And sip from strong libations we created at the bar.
If all the world is ashes, then we probably got nuked,
But since that hasn't happened, come join our little group.

We'll offer you our brandy, and afterwards a mint.
I'd love to smoke one with you, but I gave them up for Lent.
So the ashtray I'll be cleaning, and restock the humidor,
For that glorious Easter morning, when I'll smoke cigars once more.

They come from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ecuador,
But we can't get them from Cuba 'til Castro's in the morgue.
From luxurious, dark maduros to a candela's lighter hue,
And my awful-looking ashtray are waiting there for you.

Thanks be to Columbus, who brought us the cigar,
And thanks be for the Cubans I had smuggled in my car,
And thanks be for the websites where we can all afford to buy
An off'ring for my ashtray, and an offering for you.

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