Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Bishop Donald Trautman, often referred to in inclusive language (which Bp. Trautman is a big fan of) as "Fish Person" doesn't like a precious chalice.
"To me, ‘precious chalice’ says something gold with diamonds all around it," Bishop Trautman said. "Jesus used a drinking cup at the last supper, not a precious chalice."
Now to me, the precious chalice is named such because it is the Precious Blood of our Lord that makes it precious.

After his election to the chair of the BCL, Bishop Trautman argued in various fora against the norms in LA and suggested resisting them.
Something he would have gotten away with back in the '60's and '70's. But not anymore - thank God!

Archbishop Chaput knows where it's at!
Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver said he agrees that Vatican II trumps any document that derives from it. “But I would also say the Holy See has a much clearer perspective on how to interpret Vatican II than any individual bishop or any bishops’ conference,” he said in an interview. “We shouldn’t confuse our own reading of the council with its accurate interpretation. That work belongs to the Holy See.”

Can you say that the Fish Person might just be trying to conveniently misinterpet these documents to his individual liking? Oui oui, mon frere!

Check out the Fr. Zuhlsdorf take. He knows where it's at too!


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