Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today I got to hear Fr. Jay Finelli's iPadre podcast. As I mentioned before, he and 25 parishioners from Holy Ghost Church had the wonderful experience of going to Medugorje. In his most recent episode, #23, Fr. Finelli takes you on a lovely "sound-seeing" tour of Medugorje. At the end of the show, the Holy Ghost troupe prays the rosary while climbing Apparition Hill. Some may also remember from hymn lists past the Croatian Ave Maria/As I Kneel before You. You'll hear the refrain of this sung by the group in the last seconds of this show. It's a big hit at Holy Ghost.

Very shortly, I'll be listening to Fr. Seraphim Beshoner's Catholic: Under the Hood podcast episode #49, called Lessons from the Shamrock. He'll be exploring the hopefully-forthcoming changes in the Liturgy as we know it here in these USA States. Fr. Beshoner, btw, is a Third Order Franciscan.

Both podcasts get two thumbs up. And if I could raise my big toes, I'd raise them too. ;)


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