Tuesday, June 27, 2006


In light of the new forthcoming translation of the Order of Mass, GIA has issued this letter to its hymnal users. Current parishes using a GIA hymnal will get a supplement with the new translation once the new translation is ready to take place.

For the users of Worship III, that leaves only one concern - what about musical settings of the Ordinary? The hymns, which on the most part are very good (except for the crappy inclusive language binge they went on), would stay intact.

In the meantime, they should get going on a Worship IV. Use the best of Worship I, II, and III, add the better pieces from RitualSong, lose the inclusive language, (for once and for all) lose that A Living Faith ditty and bring back the real Faith of Our Fathers, and include the new Mass translation (along with the parallel Latin). Keep the Grail/Gelineau Psalm settings, too (though a good chunk of the Guimont collection isn't bad either). Though the Psalm translations may change too, as the ICEL, BCL, and USCCB still have to bash heads on the Proper of the Mass, now that the Ordinary is done and awaits approval from Rome.


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