Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Got this from my wife this afternoon. These are some new nifty ways of promoting your product on your friendly neighborhood public transit bus.

Now if this doesn't get at least one person to quit smoking, what will? Until two years ago (as of last Friday), my wife and I were two people that could have been the guy on the back of this bus, exhaling our exhaust.

The dog whisperer might have his work cut out for him.

There really is a hidden camera inside the axle cap, you know. Allen Funt would be so proud.

Get a room, will ya? (Thankfully, these two aren't posing for the infamous Thayer and Angell bus shelter signs I ranted about a while back.)

Knock knock. Who is it? Telegram. Who??? Candygram ma'am.
Land Shark is back!

This could be interpreted a couple of ways. But I'll choose this one:
Now, if there was enough mud around the tires, would Clear Eyes be enough to clear out the red eye? (Insert classic Ben Stein "WOW" here)

This gives an all-new meaning to "portable disco". Available for many events. Liturgical dances not included.

All others PAY CASH!

This is even better than the baseball on the window trick.


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Adrienne said...

I think those busses are wonderful!